Students Urge Voters to Support Dreamers and Vote YES on Prop 308

Phoenix, Arizona – Students have joined together to urge voters to vote Yes on Proposition 308. Students know that keeping Arizona’s prospective college graduates in Arizona can only help grow our state’s economy. Granting access to in-state tuition to all Arizona graduates is an important step toward meeting critical workforce needs and would greatly benefit the state’s economy.

Prop 308 is good for Arizona’s economy. The overall spending power for all of Arizona’s DACA eligible population is over $617.9 Million. According to the latest research, earning a college degree by paying in-state tuition would boost the earnings of Arizona’s Dreamers by more than $28 million annually. More than 3,600 Arizona students would benefit from an in-state tuition policy every year.

Prop 308 is the smart thing to do and it is also the right thing to do. Dreamers are Arizona kids, and they deserve the same opportunities as other Arizona students. This is their home. Let’s make sure our college-bound Dreamers, who meet the same requirements as their classmates, pay the same in-state tuition rate. It’s only fair.

That is why Arizona’s Students urge Arizona voters to vote Yes on Prop 308.

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