Who We Are

Yes On 308 is a bipartisan campaign led by education, business, faith, and civic leaders seeking to pass Arizona Proposition 308 on the ballot this November which would provide all Arizona high school graduates the opportunity to pay their own way through college at the in-state tuition rate. 

We believe that Arizona Dreamers – students who came to Arizona as children without documentation – who graduate from Arizona high schools are our students, and deserve the same educational and employment opportunities as any other Arizona student. 

Yet, each year, we force them to pay out-of-state tuition rates to attend their own state’s state universities and colleges. Ending the unfair treatment of Arizona’s undocumented high school graduates by allowing equal access to in-state tuition rates at the state colleges and universities will allow them to reach their educational goals, become self-sufficient, and give back to our state.

Arizona is their home. It’s only fair.