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This year more than ever, your vote will make the difference on critical issues for Arizona’s students. One of those very important votes this November, should be a “YES” on Proposition 308.


We proudly endorse the Yes On 308 Campaign and are honored to be on this non-partisan coalition of community organizations encouraging people to vote for Proposition 308! #YesOn308

Earlier this month, we were so grateful to take part in the official launch of theIn-State Tuition for Dreamers: Educational Awareness Campaign. Our goal is to educate Arizonans on Proposition 308 in hopes of cultivating active and well-informed voters for this upcoming election.


Currently, Dreamers, DACA, and undocumented students, have to pay out-of-state tuition rates (300%) at community colleges and 150% at public universities.

All of Arizona’s high school graduates should have a fair opportunity to attend college in Arizona. We lose too many students that should be getting additional education and training and entering our workforce, because we are asking them to pay so much more than their classmates for the same degree. We have the opportunity to fix this with Prop 308.

We urge you as an advocate for fair, effective, and quality education in Arizona to vote YES on Prop 308. Share this campaign with your friends and community and let’s be part of the change to provide equal opportunity to our kids, together.